OOTD Leaves and Leather!


This dress was delivered yesterday from Evans and I couldn’t wait to wear it!

I wasn’t sure about the print online but when I saw how much it was reduced to, I couldn’t resist!

Dress: Evans £20 in the sale Right Now!
Leggings: Simply be Extra Long leggings £20
Boots: Evans last season
Bracelets: Arcobaleno Jewellery Design

Much Love
Lyss xx


Purple Leopard OOTD


Wednesday is purple day!!

Embracing the sunny weather I decided to don a frock for work today!

I hope you like my clashing combo!

Purple leopard dress: http://www.simplybe.com
Purple and Blue leopard scarf: eBay
Purple shoes: Dorothy Perkins

Much Love
Lyss xx

My Pretties …

Good Afternoon you gorgeous people!

Whilst sitting in the sunshine watching my Swarovski bracelets glistening in the sun I thought that I would take the opportunity to tell you about the new designs that I have added to my website!

The first collection is the beautiful antique inspired Rosebud collection.

I have used hand painted lampwork beads in white and antique rose, combined with Swarovski crystals, Sterling Silver and Rose Quartz to make some truly stunning designs.

The next collection is the ‘Wings’ collection, incorporating some beautiful butterfly, bird and feather designs.

I love butterflies so this collection may have been a bit more about my addiction to pretty flutterbyes and sparkles!

Finally I have added the Leather collection.

Leather bracelets in various colours adorned with stunning Swarovski elements, Sterling Silver, Freshwater Pearls and sparkles!

I do hope that you like the new collections.

Don’t forget that I also offer a bespoke service, if you would like to have a jewellery item designed then drop me an email at arcobalenojewellerydesign@hotmail.co.uk

All of this jewellery can be found at www.arcobalenojewellerydesign.co.uk

Much Love

Lyss xx



Gangsters, Guns & Zombies


I wanted to share with you the official poster to the film that I am in!

Don’t get excited, I’m only an extra, but it’s still very exciting to know that I might be on film!!

Make sure you all go see it when it’s released in the summer.

Lyss xxx

Eleven Things!

I saw this on the blog of a lovely lady I follow on Twitter theplussideofme and thought I’d have a bash at it!!

How does it work?

Post the rules on your blog
Write 11 things about you
Answer it
Create 11 new questions for the future tagged ones
You have to choose 11 people to tag and link them on the post.
No tag backs.

11 Things About Me

1. I cannot resist a television programme that ends in a vote. I love the ruthless nature of these kind of shows and always become a little bit obsessed with them!

2. My last proper relationship ended in 2005, I have been single since then. 99.9% of the time I love being single and have a very active life. There are only 2 days a year that I hate being single, New Years Day and my Birthday. Strange, but true.

3. I own over 100 pairs of shoes. I love them and can always find a reason to justify buying another pair. Shoes make me happy.

4. I have an obsessive personality. If I decide that I want to do something then I hurl myself into it 100% and it can have a tendency to take over my life. This could be a good thing, sadly, it never seems to be anything particularly productive that I become obsessed with!

5. Ricky Gervais makes me irrationally angry. I cannot stand him.

6. I have a frustrated creative mind. I work in a dull office job because it’s necessary to earn money to pay rent etc but I feel it stifles me creativity. I long to be able to earn a living from my jewellery or scarf designs.

7. When I was a child I wanted to be an equine vet. This dream died when I saw a vet put down a horse with a bullet at the livery yard.

8. I only like crunchy peanut butter, smooth peanut butter tastes horrid.

9. I love hairy men, the hairier the better. My housemate nicknamed one guy I was seeing ‘Sasquatch’ because he was big and hairy. I don’t even mind hairy backs!

10. I am a complete makeup snob.

11. I get irrationally angry when I see fat women wearing shapeless and unflattering clothes. There is no longer a need for it, fashion has improved for us fatties so much in the past few years, get with the programme!

Questions that were asked of me.

What was your most prized item as a child?
Good Luck Bear

Is there a blog post you wrote that you are particularly proud of? If so, why?
I’m still very new to Blogging, I’m sure I’ll get there but right now, no.

If you won $8 million on a lottery ticket today, what would you do with it?
Make sure my family and closest friends were ok, buy a house and a fancy car then travel the world

Do you collect anything?

If you were to describe yourself in three words what would you choose?
Fat, Funny, Fabulous!

Are you where you thought you’d be when you were younger?

Was there any event that changed you forever on how you saw yourself or life?
There have been many. Loss shapes all of us whether we choose to acknowledge it or not and i have encountered a lot for a 32 year old. Unconditional Love & Friendship are both things that I blessed to have in my life, these 2 things can change how you see life daily.

What is your favorite book?
I have too many to choose one

What is the funniest fashion trend you tried in the past and are horrified of now?
Global Hypercolour – everyone! Look at me sweat!

What skill would you like to learn if you had the time, money, etc?

Is there a character from a movie or book that is most like you?
Not that I can think of!

My Questions for you …

1. Where in the world would you like to visit most?
2. What’s your favourite animal, why?
3. Do you have any piercings or tattoos? If so, where?
4. What is the best meal you can cook?
5. Who is the celebrity you lust after the most?
6. What is your greatest talent?
7. What song makes you cry? (everyone has one!)
8. What is the most amount of doughnuts you’ve eaten in one sitting?
9. Biggest Regret?
10. What is you Favourite Scent?
11. Would you rather have fingers as long as your legs or legs as long as your fingers?

I won’t tag anyone, but please send me the link in comments if you choose to do this

Lyss xxxx

OOTD Skulls, Skinny’s and Scruffy Hair.


My lovely friend offered to cook me Sunday lunch today, this is what I wore!

Skull top – Evans last Season
Black Cardigan – Very So Fabulous £26
Skinny Jeans – TU Sainsbury’s £12!!
Purple Shoes – Dorothy Perkins, years ago.
Messy side bun – Models own crazy curls.
Bracelets – http://www.Arcobalenojewellerydesign.co.uk

Hope you like my Sunday outfit

Lyss xxx